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Training Package

Each participant enrolled in the online training will need to successfully complete the following:

  • Modules 1 & 2
  • Complete a final Assessment of Working Safely Alone and receive a score of 80% on the quiz in order to successfully pass the course. If participants do not receive 80%, they are able to review the module as many times as necessary to complete the course.

Course Description

There are many risks involved with workers working alone, especially with individuals working with cash, isolated areas, off-site meetings with clientele, and traveling alone. A definition of ‘working alone’ followed by legislation, and safety measures for workers involved in alone work will be provided in this course.

This course is intended to provide employers, individuals working alone, and management with the understanding of the dangers that can rise with working alone as well as learning how to implement safe measures. There are two modules in this course:

  1. Working Alone – General Knowledge
  2. Reducing Risks

Target Audience:

  • Workers involved in alone work
  • Management & Supervisors
  • Employers
  • General Staff

Completion of the course will provide participants with the knowledge of:

  • Provide a general definition of ‘working alone’
  • Explain the responsibilities assigned to employers with workers who are ‘working alone’
  • Identify the elements of an effective check-in procedure
  • Describe workplace policies and practices that can be implemented to reduce the risks associated with:
  • Working with cash and other valuables
  • Working alone in isolated circumstances
  • Meeting clients alone at off-site locations



Course Duration:

This course is designed to be completed within 45 minutes; however, participants are able to complete the course within any time length they desire.

Benefits of Online Training with Safety First Consulting:

  • Support available 24/7
  • Can be completed at home, work or anywhere with internet accessibility.
  • Certificate received upon completion of every course.


Registration for this course can be completed online at  or by contacting our online registration service at or calling 905-669-6920

Computer Requirements:

Google Chrome is recommended

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