Health and Safety Representative (HSR)


Confined Spaces Awareness

This course in confined space training aims to provide a foundation in awareness, safety planning, and control for confined space workers, supervisors, contractors, safety committees and employers.

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defensive driving online course

Defensive Driving

This course will teach students how to change their driving behavior, recognize potential hazards, and properly respond to collisions to lower their risk of motor vehicle accidents.

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electrical safety awareness online training ontario

Electrical Safety Awareness

This course is an introduction to electrical safety awareness in the workplace. This is an awareness level course that provides information to help identify, understand and avoid electrical hazards while at work.

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asbestos awareness online training

Asbestos Awareness

The Asbestos Awareness course reviews information about asbestos types, where asbestos is likely to be found in workplaces, safe work procedure requirements and how to protect yourself should you encounter asbestos containing materials in the workplace.

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lock out tag out online learning ontario

LockOut – TagOut

Increase employers, joint health and safety committee members, and management knowledge in Lockout/Tagout ensuring hazardous energy is controlled in the workplace. Understanding the meaning of Lockout/Tagout, when to lockout, different energy sources in the workplace, and implementing lockout.

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incident investigation workplace safety training online

Incident Investigation

Increase the knowledge of employers, joint health & safety committee members, and management in incident investigation while providing examples and checklists for further learning. Understand the root causes, how to conduct a workplace investigation, and making appropriate recommendations in incident investigation.

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Ladder Safety

Provide all employees, and management increase their knowledge in ladder awareness in the workplace. Ladder inspection, types of ladders and their uses as well as storage and maintenance.

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working alone safely online workplace training

Working Safely Alone

Learn how to implement safety measures for employers, individuals working alone, and management with the understanding of the dangers that can rise with working alone.

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hazard and risk management

Hazard and Risk Management

Provide employers, joint health and safety committee members, and management with the knowledge of hazard and risk management in order to improve the safety culture in the workplace. Methods of preventing accidents, hazards assessment, identification and control

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workplace inspections online course

Workplace Inspections

Provide employers, joint health and safety committee members, and management with the understanding of the types of inspections, as well as learning about reports and follow-ups.

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transportation of dangerous goods online course ontario

Transportation of Dangerous Goods

This course is created to ensure all employees are trained in compliance with Canada’s Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Act - who transport, offer, or sell dangerous goods must be certified.

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back to work after covid 19 online course

Back to Work (COVID-19)

This course intends to teach employees and employers what is expected of them upon returning to work and how to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

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Workplace Violence and Harassment Online Training

Workplace Violence and Harassment

This course is created to help employers, supervisors, and workers understand the requirements for developing and implementing a successful workplace violence and harassment program.

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